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二、选择填空(共 20小题;每小题1分,满分20分)

21. Daniel sometimes plays _______ basketball for half _______ hour at the weekend.

A. the; an B. the; a C. /; an D. /; the

22. — Who is the woman over there? — She is Mrs Cao. She is _______ Chinese teacher and teaches _______ Chinese.

A. we; us B. we; our C. our; us D. our; our

23. This young man doesn’t have much money, ______ he has many good friends.

A. and B. but C. so D. or

24. — I’ll go on a trip with my friends next Sunday. —______________ ___.

A. Nice to meet you B. Good luck C. Have a good time D. Yes, please

25. —_______ Simon happy today? — I don’t think so. He _______ look ha ppy this morning.

A. Does; isn’t B. Does; doesn’t C. Is; doesn’t D. Is; isn’t

26. — _______ do your parents watch TV every day? — Less than one hour.

A. How often B. How much C. How many D. How long

27. — Who _______ sports in your family best? — My brother and I _______.

A. 1ike; does B. 1ikes; are C. 1ike; are D. 1ikes; do

28. Mum, my glasses are broken. Would you please buy me a new _______?

A. that B. one C. it D. pair

29. — Excuse me! Where’s the music room,sir? —_______, on the second floor.

A. Pardon B. Oh, I see C. Sorry, I don’t know D. This way, please

30. — Can you _______ it in English? — Sorry, I can’t. I can’t _______ English at all.

A. tell; say B. talk; speak C. say; speak D. speak; tell

31. Sandy likes eating meat, but he _______ eats it because he is too fat.

A. often B. sometimes C. always D. seldom

32. Hurry up, Bob! It's time for you___                   ____.

A. play football B. for the lunch C. going home D. to go to school

33. The supermarket near my home _______ at seven a.m. and it _______ for eight hours a day.

A. opens; is open B. is open; opens C. is opening; opens D. opens; is opening

34. — How will your father come and visit our school _______ Monday morning?

— He will get here _______ his car.

A. in; on B. in; by C. on; by D. on; in

35. Every day, I play with my dog for minutes. That makes him happy.

A. a few B. few C. a little D. little

36. The_______ meeting begins at 8:00 0'clock in the morning.

A. parent's B. parent C. parents D. parents'

37. It takes Lisa two hours _______ every day.

A. practise to draw B. practise drawing C. to practise to dra w D. to practise drawing

38. I want _______ you arou nd my new school. Let’s _______ at the gate.

A. showing; meet B. showing; to meet C. to show; to meet D. to show; meet

39. —Excuse me! _________? — It’s 11 October.

A. What time is it B. What day is it today C. When is it today D. What’s the date today

40. I like watching TV very much. It_______ me_______ great.

A. makes; feel B. makes; feeling C. make; feel D. make; feeling

三、完形填空(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分) Do you have any hobbies? Everybody needs hobbies. If you don’t have any hobbies, you may feel 41 . We should have some different 42 in our free time. We should do something we like. Some people like singing, 43 photos and traveling, 44 people enjoy collecting stamps, reading or shopping. My 45 hobby is collecting stamps. I like it best because I can learn a lot of things from 46 . Some people collect stamps 47 they can get money from them. But I am just 48 in collecting them and enjoy looking at them when I am free. Stamp collecting is very popular all over the world. I 49 an Australian boy and a French girl. They both like collecting stamps. We 50 our stamps to each other online. That is so good.

41. A. strong B. unhappy C. sweet D. tired

42. A. activities B. classes C. lessons D. clubs

43. A. having B. taking C. making D. getting

44. A. another B. other C. all D. others

45. A. important B. comfortable C. favorite D. different

46. A. photos B. stamps C. travels D. sports

47. A. because B. and C. but D. so

48. A. surprised B. excited C. interested D. tired

49. A. know B. want C. make D. think

50. A. give B. show C. work D. take


A Benny drives a school bus, but his bus isn’t the same as other school buses because there aren’t any children on it. There are only dogs. Benny’s bus takes dogs to school at 8:00 in the morning and brings them back home at 5:00 in the afternoon. Benny takes the dogs to a dog schoo1. There he teaches the dogs to do many things: sit down, stand up, bring the shoes to the master, keep the master from danger (危险). Many dogs go to Benny’s school—big dogs, small dogs, old dogs, young dogs. Benny says that young dogs can learn more quickly. 51. What does Benny do? __________. A. A doctor B. A worker C. A driver D. A policeman 52. What else do you know about Benny? A. He teaches dogs in a school. B. He drives children to school. C. He has a school for young children. D. He teaches children in a school. 53. Where do the dogs spend the night? A. In the school. B. On the bus. C. In the street. D. In their own homes. 54. Which kind of dogs is easy to teach? A. Strong dogs. B. Old dogs. C. Young dogs. D. Big dogs. 55. What d oes Benny teach the dogs to do? A. Eat. B. Run. C. Sleep. D. Do things for their masters. B Many people like animals, such as dogs and cats, and keep one or more of them as pets. If you keep a dog or a cat as a pet, you must know how to look after it. A grown-up dog needs two meals a day—not more. It can eat meat, fish, rice and some other things. Dogs like large bones(骨头), but you can’t give them chicken bones. Remember to give them clean water. A dog should have a clean, dry box for sleeping. Washing it once a week is good for its health. If it is ill, take it to a doctor. A healthy dog will bring you more pleasure. Be careful when you choose a cat. A cat has two meals a day with some meat or fish. It drinks a little milk every day. Sometimes you can give it vegetables to eat. Don’t forget that it needs clean water to drink. Take good care of your pets. They will be your good friends. Maybe they can give you some help when you are in need. 56. Many people keep _______ as pets. A. pandas B. elephants C. chicken D. cats 57. What do dogs like eating? A. All the bones. B. Big bones. C. Chicken bones. D. Small bones. 58. A healthy dog can make you_______. A. happy B. trouble C. cry D. ill 59. Cats usually drink_______. A. orange B. red ink C. apple juice D. milk and water 60. Will pets be people’s friends according to the article? A. No, I don’t think so. B. Yes, but only a little. C. Yes, they will. D. No, they won’t. C When you are not happy, there are s ome ways to make you happy or feel good about yourself.

1. Look in the mirror(镜子) and say to yourself, “I’m a special person and there’s no one in the world like me. I can do anything!” It works!

2. Do something nice for someone. Helping others always makes you feel good.

3. Smile! Be friendly to people around you. Look for the good things in your friends and family.

4. Learn something new! Do you always want to learn how to swim? Go for it!

5. Read and start a diary. Turn off the TV and let your imagination(想象) fly! If you have any ideas or dreams, write them down!

6. Stay with your family. We all need our family time. Talk with your mum and dad or maybe even your cousin. 61. How many ways can make you happy or feel good about yourself? A. One. B. Three. C. Five. D. Six . 62. What should you do if you have any ideas or dreams according to the passage? A. Do some reading. B. Write them down. C. Talk with your parents. D. Tell others. 63. Where can you read this passage? A. In a story book. B. In a dictionary(字典). C. In a magazine(杂志). D. In a diary. 64. What can you do if you want to learn something new according to the passage? A. Watch TV. B. Talk with your friends. C. Speak to yourself. D. Go for it. 65. What's the best title of the passage? A. Do something nice. B. Smile at other people. C. Stay with your family. D. Feel good about yourself. 第Ⅱ卷 非选择题(共70分)

五、词汇运用 (共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分) (A) 根据句意和汉语注释,写出单词的正确形式。

66. We students should do morning _________ (运动) every day to keep us healthy.

67. We can see some __________ (英雄的) pictures on the wall. We should learn from them.

68. What is the time now? It’s a _________ (一刻钟) past nine.

69. Our School library looks _________ (现代化的). We usually go there to borrow books.

70. My mother tells me a _________ (真实的) story. It is very moving. (B) 根据句意,用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空,每空不限一词。

71. We have sports _________ (two) a week. Would you like to join us?

72. Lebron James is one of my favourite basketball _________ (play) in the NBA.

73. —Jim, ________ (not be) late for class again. —Sorry, I won’t.

74. Mr. Lin feels _________ (real) sorry for the bad news!

75. The students in Class 2 have a good time __________ (practise) singing and dancing in the party. 

六、阅读表达 请根据材料内容,按照要求完成各题。(共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)

All students need to have good study habits(习惯). When you have good study habits, you will learn things quickly, and also remember them easily. Do you like to study in the living room? This is not a good place because it is usually too noisy. You need to study in a quiet place, like your bedroom. A quiet place will help you only to think about one thing. When you study, do not think about other thi ngs at the same time. Only think about your homework. If you do this, you will do your homework more quickly, and you will make fewer mistakes(错误). Good study habits are very important. If you don’t have them, try to learn them. If yours are already good, try to make them better.


76. What do all the students need to have? ___________________________________________________________________

77. How will you learn and remember things if you have good study habits? ___________________________________________________________________

78. Why isn’t the living room a good place for study? __________________________________________________________________

79. What must you only think about when you study? __________________________________________________________________

80. What do you think of good study habits? __________________________________________________________________

七、句型转换 每空一词。(共10空;每空1分,满分10分)

81. Lucy does her homework at home every evening. (改为否定句) Lucy _________ _________ her homework at home every evening.

82. Why not go to the park for a walk? (改为同义句) _________ _________ going to the park for a walk?

83. The boy in blue is my best friend.(对画线部分提问) _________ _________ is your best friend?

84. They are some interesting stories.(改为单数形式) _________ _________ interesting story.

85. I often help my uncle water the flowers during the summer holiday.(用he作主语改写) He often _________ _________ uncle water the flowers during the summer holiday.

八、根据汉语完成句子 每空一词。(共15空;每空1分,满分15分)

86. 请明天早上6点钟叫醒我。 Please _________ _________ __________ at 6:00 tomorrow morning.

87. 我们在学校总是过得很愉快。 We always __________ __________at our school.

88. 让米莉带领他们参观我们的校园吧! Let Millie _________ __________ __________ our school.

89. 他每周花5小时在河里游泳。 He _________ 5 hours _________ in the river every week.

90. 读各种各样的书让我感到很愉快。 _________ ________ _________ _________ books ________ me happy.

九、缺词填空 根据短文内容及首字母提示,补全空格内单词,使短文完整、通顺(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)

Hello, I am Linda. My C

91 name is Liu Li. I am f

92 Shanghai, but I l

93 in Xi’an with my family now. I like Xi’an very m

94 . It is an old city. I s

95 in Xi’an No 2. Middle School. I am tall and s

96 , because I often eat little. I have short hair. I like l

97 to music. I am a member of the school Reading Club. I love r

98 books about music after school. I have a lot of f

99 and we often go to the museum for fun. Liu Xiang is my brother. He is tall, too. He likes playing football on the p

100 with his classmates.













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